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Southern Eastbound

Southern’s legacy at Belton more than wins and losses


By Tony Adams

Sports Editor

One washer to launder an entire athletic program’s uniforms. Old and outdated locker room facilities. Fences on the baseball and softball fields falling down. A weight room facility that was not up to standards. A football culture that players were not encouraged to be in.

Little Tigers fill gym with cheers

By Wesley Ashton

Journal Reporter

Screams roar across the stadium floor, as Belton Tiger Varsity Cheer Team teaches over 130 pre-kindergarten through fifth grade students how to cheer like Tigers. 

The “Lil Tigers Cheer Camp” is a one day children’s camp hosted by Belton High School to help children learn how to motivate not only the crowd but themselves through cheer. 

Girl Scouts begin cookie sale

By Devin Corbitt

News Editor

The Girl Scout cookie season is off to a great start this year. 

The seasoned opened Jan. 15, and since then girls have been hard at work raising money for their various goal for the year. 

New and improved?

Each time we go to the store we see an item that is new and improved, according to the label. You might be tempted to wonder why so many poor products made it to the market to begin with. I am sure that somewhere the market experts have figured out that sometrhing new or improved means that we may want to try it. This goes with redoing the packages as well, changing colors or making the images somehow more appealing. All a big game to get the consumer (us) to buy more or switch to their product.

You have my word

I love reminiscing about days gone by. It makes a body feel good to remember how things used to be. You could walk into your local grocery store and charge your items on your tab. You could tank up at the local gas station, which back then pumped the gas for you and checked your oil and water too, and you’d just sign a ticket acknowledging your debt. No credit check was required. No collateral needed, just look the owner in the eyes and say, “You have my word.”

A delightful invitation

Last Wednesday, I received a call and invitation from the remarkable 96-year-old Berneta Peeples.  One of the great joys of becoming minister of the Belton Church of Christ January 1, 1971, was that Berneta was part of the deal. 

UMHB students plan for future at job fair

By Antonio Herbert

Journal reporter

Tuesday, UMHB hosted its annual spring job fair in the Lord Conference Center of the Parker Academic Complex. A variety of professionals were present and ready to talk to and recruit students seeking post-graduation employment. 

City applies for grants for Nolan Creek Trail

By David Tuma


Belton recently applied for a couple of grants for the Nolan Creek Trail system.

The first grant is a trail head grant for the Nolan Creek Trail in Confederate Park. If they receive the funding the trail head will add a quarter mile to the walking trail. 

Extreme Cheer building new facility

By Devin Corbitt

News Editor

Just beyond the Belton city limit sits a brand new, 14,000 square foot building. The inside is not much to look at yet, but don’t let its beginning stage fool you. This building will soon become home to many girls in the Temple-Belton area, and all because of the determination of one woman. 

PRCA returns to Bell County

By Grayson Edds

Associate Editor

The Bell County Expo Center has been hosting the Bell County Youth Fair for the past couple of weeks, wrapping up this weekend with the 27th Annual Bell County PRCA Rodeo.