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Church group takes ‘We are the sermon’ to heart

Church-groupThe Belton Church of Christ takes an effort to become a part of the community and serve the community beyond what they preach, and they've done so again this year during the church's recent We are the Sermon event. Usually, the members of the church take a day and get out and help clean up the community, the parks, or help homeowners clean their property. This year, however, one of their Life Groups heard about a veteran who was in need of some major assistance with his home.

The veteran is a widower, lives alone, and is in his 70s and was unable to maintain his property. With an extended stay in the hospital, his house became more than he was capable of. A friend of his, Ida Cross, came to the church and asked for their assistance to spruce it up during We are the Sermon. What the group found, however, was a house that was in need of more than a little yard work. The group didn't write it off as too much work; instead, they rallied their forces. Thirty-eight members of the church showed up to assist on the first Sunday. They trimmed the trees that were hanging down on the house. They trimmed the bushes and mowed the yard, making the outside represent what the inside would soon look like.

Church-group2After seeing the state of repair needed inside the home, the church rented a moving pod and pulled out all of the furniture from the house for temporary storage while they gave the inside a facelift. More than a dozen helpers showed up to help on the second Sunday.

Sure, they cleaned, but they also went above and beyond the superficial surface cleaning and realized that this home was in need of some tender loving care. Four retired men worked everyday for two weeks to build new cabinets, replace the counter top and sink, replace the linoleum, paint the entire house, and replace the carpet in the bedroom.

"It's a complete makeover," said Tommy Marshall of the Life Group. "He lives alone. His wife is deceased. His cousin is coming here to live with him, but she's coming as soon as the house is ready for her to move in to. Ms. Ida said they're getting a hospital bed for him in the front bedroom, and his cousin is going to move into the back bedroom."

The project was completed Saturday, when the group cleaned, polished and moved all of the furniture from the moving pod back into the house, getting it all set back up for his return from the hospital.