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Tyler Running Club teaches, encourages, motivates

Tyler-Running-ClubThe Tyler Elementary Runner's Club completed their six-week training with a Fun Run in true race fashion and a little flare when coupled with Zumba and a carnival.

Tyler nurse Christie Crim created the club in order to help spread her love of running to the students, parents and fellow teachers, believing that running has more of an impact on life than just the physical benefits. Crim helped the students understand that running is about physical well being as well as mental well being.


The group was comprised of more than 60 students and dozens of parents and faculty. The team met twice a week for six weeks and learned about various aspects of the sport including character, perseverance, and finishing what you start.

Tyler-Running-Club2Chance Hale, 3rd grade participant in the Tyler Runner's Club, said that he learned a lot during the six week training, and hopes to participate again in the future.

"I liked it when you got to run and when you were taught more during school about the fun run," Hale said. "And during the fun run, I liked it when we got to do the Zumba and carnival. The biggest thing I learned was that if you start something, finish it."

Hale's mom was one of the many parents who took the opportunity to participate with her son. Ms. Hale joined him every Wednesday and Thursday for practice, building up to their two mile run during the fun run.

"She did wonderful," said Crim. "Not only was she determined to finish it and finish strong, she was also very good at participating with our lessons. Whatever was needed, she was willing to help. She jumped right on in and was a part of the Runner's Club. There were a lot of parents and grandparents."

Ms. Hale said that she was appreciative of what the club taught her and her son.

Tyler-Running-Club3"The biggest thing that I learned with the lessons that we had before each training session really came in handy for the two of us. And that was when you start something, you finish it," Ms. Hale said. "Although we came in last place, Chance was a trooper because he runs so much faster than I do, but he stayed with me the whole time. Even though he could have come in earlier than last place, he stayed with me the whole time and we both came in last together. That really made me happy."

Kindergarten teacher Yvonne Fowler said the Club motivated her to complete her first 5k run.

"I had just started jogging," she said. "I wanted to be more active since I'm getting older. I thought this was a good opportunity to exercise at least twice a week, so I signed up. And by doing this, I decided to do my first 5k, which I did this past weekend in the Army marathon, and I completed that."

A group from the Runner's Clu, including Crim and Fowler, is also participating in this weekend's 5k Color run in Austin.

When speaking with a group of 5th grade participants they shared that they learned that you don't have to get mad if you don't run faster than others, that it's more important to finish what you start, to do your best, and to never give up. The 5th graders in the club were given more responsibilities than younger students including carrying supplies to the gym or to the field for practice.

Runners were each given bib numbers and warmed up with a little stretching and a Zumba pre-run workout to get them motivated and muscles warm. After their run, they were awarded with medals and certificates for their completion.

Crim said she hopes to continue the club in the future, and perhaps creating a community 5k during the spring and a fun run in the fall in upcoming years.