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Vacation Bible School: 2013

Out & About • Patrick Lacombe

This has been an exciting summer for me so far with trips to places that I have never been and meeting interesting people in the great state of Texas. However, my favorite activity by far, was helping with the kids at our church’s Vacation Bible School.

This was my first time ever attending VBS and I really did not know what to expect or what to do, but my wife who has participated many times told me her experiences from teaching her classes, and it was a tremendous help.

Fellowship Baptist Church is located at 2025 Morgan’s Point road in beautiful Morgan’s Point Resort. Our Pastor is Jeremy Franks and this is his first assignment as Head Pastor. He and his wife, Anna, have two beautiful children and one on the way. They are the kind of people that anyone would love to have as neighbors. They are both young and Brother Jeremy’s sermons are filled with humor as well as Scripture. Every week, his sermons fill our souls with knowledge and hope, and we have an excellent music director, Cameron Roucloux from UMHB who fills our church with beautiful traditional and modern praise music.

However, I digress, because this is about the 31 wonderful children that I had the honor of working with in the activities part of VBS. I was a bit hesitant at first because I only have one granddaughter and I did not know if I could handle more than one child. However, God intervened and gave me the tools I needed and I think I had as much fun as the kids.

A couple of weeks before, we were given a set of suggested activities for the kids to do. Most of them were outside activities, so when the much needed rain started last week, my wife and I had to come up with some last minute games that could be played inside. We came up with some pretty cool games and combined with a bean bag toss from the church’s game room and my granddaughter’s little basketball goal and an empty garbage can for a soccer goal, the kids ended up having a good time.

The children were divided into three age groups, so some games had to be adapted to fit the skill levels. Each group had an adult leader and either a pre-teen or teenager to help. I cannot say enough about the leaders or their helpers, because they gave their time to ensure the kids had a safe and fun-filled experience. The wonderful ladies from our church prepared the food and snacks for them to enjoy and they did a great job. There were many church members involved and since my space is limited, I cannot list them all, but their contributions were invaluable in making this VBS a success.

Children are our future. We have to teach them right from wrong so they may develop strong morals and character to become decent productive citizens and parents of likewise children. Vacation Bible School is just one avenue of educating them. Morality must also be taught in the home and at school. Study the Bible with your children and you will be amazed at what they can understand. Their minds are like sponges waiting to soak up knowledge and wisdom.

The final night was bittersweet for me. As the children left, I felt sad because I knew I would miss the ones who have other church homes and the ones that would be moving away. The kids who attend our church are precious and I look forward to seeing them every week. God bless the children of the world and pray they do a better job of running the planet than we did.