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MPR City Council retreats, devises plan

By David Tuma


City council members of Morgan’s Point Resort went on a retreat at Summers Mill recently. They spent Friday night and all day Saturday learning about themselves and each other and came up with a prioritized list of needs for the community.

Friday they were each given a personality test assessment trying to determine how they make decisions. Some make their decisions quick and some wanted to think about it but in the end they each learned something about themselves. The event was hosted by a group out of Dallas that do these kinds of events year round. The majority of those tested were dominate with a bean counter and team builder among them.

Saturday they spent creating list of strengths and threats to MPR and go over the list together as a group and prioritize a list. “They really enjoyed the experience and they learned about themselves. This was a team building thing and it helps improve the community. A retreat makes everybody’s life a little easier and it tells me and the city staff what is important to the council,” said city manager David Huseman.