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GUEST COLUMN: Fowl language

I was reading a story this past week about a new newscaster on his first day of work at a television station, it seems he let loose a couple of major swear words live on the newscast. One of those being, and I quote Ralphie; "the queen-mother of dirty words". I immediately felt bad for him, but I also know that this is a place that requires a lot of thought and attention to detail. I started my journalism career in radio.

GUEST COLUMN: Keep calm and give me a boost...

I often joke that unless there's a soccer ball in front of me or a cop behind me, you'll rarely see me run. (Note to BPD Officers, that was a JOKE...please don't test my theory.)

However, last October I was conned into signing up for the Tough Mudder, a 10-mile, 22 obstacle course, by my brother.

LOOKING UP: Seeking stability in a changing world

Does anything last? Can we count on anything to remain the same in an ever-changing world?

GUEST COLUMN: Fear itself

I recently heard someone talking about an "irrational fear". That would be something without good reason. So I took stock of a few of my fears and decided that I am quite rational. I have a fear of heights, I think it is a valid fear. It doesn't petrify me, I do fly, and will go to upper levels of buildings and the like. But given the choice of standing on firm ground or being on some "amusement" ride many feet in the air, well I will stay put right here.

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