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LOOKING UP • JOE BAISDEN |Thanksgiving memories

The airline industry tells us that the Thanksgiving weekend is the peak travel time in any given year.  With good weather and normal operations, the journeys short or long are safe and efficient.  Families are reunited, turkeys and football games are shared, and, hopefully, opportunity taken to join hearts in gratitude to God for the abundance of beneficent blessings He continually bestows.
Some of my fondest Thanksgiving memories are of family trips to Janelle’s parents’ home in Liberty, Texas.  We would load our ‘68 Chevy wagon and leave Belton after Wednesday night services for the 200-mile trek into the night.  In those days, it seemed worth it to make the miles and fight the fog in order to be there Thanksgiving morning. 
Awakening to the aroma from the kitchen put a major league growl in the stomach.  The traditional Thanksgiving menu was served on the beautifully decorated table in the spacious dining room

“Do you hear what I hear?”

During my years in a Belton pulpit, it was ordinarily dark during the winter Sunday mornings when I would arrive at the church building to do the final preparations for my sermon and the service. 
Habit had me commencing  this effort  between 4 and 5 a.m.  I would work awhile, then dash to McDonald’s or a nearby donut shop to silence the growl in my stomach.  From time to time, the entry into the outside world would be perfectly timed to catch a most magnificent sunrise.  Sometime I would pause and watch the hues brighten until I shivered in the cold.  How awesome is the artwork of God!


Remotes, touchpads, wires, bah-humbug! Give me the old-fashioned knobs and simplicity of the old days. Yes, remote controlled items are a little more convenient, but how am I supposed to keep up with them all? 
There’s the remote that controls the TV (probably the most important and most sought after because they seem to grow tiny legs and run off), the one that controls the fireplace, the one that controls the VCR or DVD player, one that controls the lamps, one for the stereo, I could go on and on but you get the picture.

Super fans

Football season is still in full swing. There are a few high school teams still in the playoffs, including my old high school.
The local college team is doing well and rolling along.
The pro teams are still in their regular season thinking about the playoffs. It is a time when we think of watching sports and doing what we can to support our teams.