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Charting a course for the new year

When our son, who turned 50 last June, was a little boy, he heard folks greeting each other as the New Year approached.  He joined in the greeting, but did not quite get the words right.  We had to laugh when we heard him going around saying to people: “Happy New You!”

The words may not have been correct, but the more we thought about it, the more we came to realize that wishing folks a “New You,” wasn’t such a bad idea.

Prehistoric tools

With the Holiday season upon us it is a time for cooking, and not just cooking regular foods but many things that we don’t normally have during the boring times of the year. 

Often we make dishes that take either more time or just different ingredients. 


Ladies, there is one important thing that you should know about your man. He does not like to go clothes shopping. In fact, most men would rather have their toenails extracted without any anesthesia. The only things a man actually likes to shop for are tools, trucks, or ATVs. Oh, I forgot guns. We can walk around all day in a sporting goods store looking at guns and related items, but please don’t make us try on pants.

The rewards for waiting

Some time before I was elected to the Belton City Council in 2005, HEB bought a large tract of land on the east side of North Main Street at Sparta Road.  During the four years I was on the Council one of the most often asked questions I heard was “When is HEB going to build that new store?”

When it finally came time to start construction, the company conducted an information meeting in a large room of the Christ the King Catholic Church, next door to the building site.  The spokesman for HEB revealed an exciting bit of news.  He said that if the company had started construction soon after purchasing the property, Belton would not be receiving a store of the gigantic proportions and magnificent features as that of the final plan.  He assured the crowd that Belton was about to have one of the very largest HEB facilities in all of the State of Texas.