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Backyard Birding

One of the things I look forward to in the springtime is the arrival of the songbirds migrating from their winter homes to their nesting sites. 

My favorites are the “Purple Martins” that start arriving in late January and early February. 

Having a colony of Purple Martins in your yard can be both aesthetic and beneficial. 

The eyes have it

As I get older, I find my body changing. Maturity is good in some ways. Obviously being a lumberjack is more for younger people. But I am happy with where I am now. Most of my body parts are holding up well; some improved, and I do my part to maintain myself. 

However my eyes seem to be slacking a bit; they don’t seem to embrace the same agenda as the rest of me. 

A delightful invitation

Last Wednesday, I received a call and invitation from the remarkable 96-year-old Berneta Peeples.  One of the great joys of becoming minister of the Belton Church of Christ January 1, 1971, was that Berneta was part of the deal. 

You have my word

I love reminiscing about days gone by. It makes a body feel good to remember how things used to be. You could walk into your local grocery store and charge your items on your tab. You could tank up at the local gas station, which back then pumped the gas for you and checked your oil and water too, and you’d just sign a ticket acknowledging your debt. No credit check was required. No collateral needed, just look the owner in the eyes and say, “You have my word.”