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New and improved?

Each time we go to the store we see an item that is new and improved, according to the label. You might be tempted to wonder why so many poor products made it to the market to begin with. I am sure that somewhere the market experts have figured out that sometrhing new or improved means that we may want to try it. This goes with redoing the packages as well, changing colors or making the images somehow more appealing. All a big game to get the consumer (us) to buy more or switch to their product.

Forgetters and those forgotten

One of the most beautiful characters in all the Bible is Joseph. On his way to greatness Joseph was done in by a lot of folks. His own brothers sold him into slavery. His employer’s wife tried to seduce him, then had him thrown into prison when he spurned her advances. While in prison he experienced a wound common to most of us. He was forgotten. Here’s the story:

Mountain Cedar Blues

I really don’t like to be negative, however I have found one thing that I really do not care for here in Central Texas. It’s called mountain cedar fever, and its effects are making the pharmaceutical and tissue companies a ton of money, at least from me.

A new music

This past week marked the 50th anniversary of The Beatles coming to America. There were lots of celebrations and replays of the original Ed Sullivan show. There were news columns and stories about the new band and the style of music they brought to America some half century ago. I wasn’t able to partake in the original flood of youthful enthusiasm. But as I got older I did learn to appreciate the music that The Beatles brought here.