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Vacation Bible School: 2013

Out & About • Patrick Lacombe

This has been an exciting summer for me so far with trips to places that I have never been and meeting interesting people in the great state of Texas. However, my favorite activity by far, was helping with the kids at our church’s Vacation Bible School.

America: Land that I love


Observing the world situation should prompt in all of us great gratitude for the privilege of living in the good old United States of America. Now and then someone makes a comparison with another world country, noting some alleged superior qualities elsewhere. So far, however there have been no reports of long lines at the borders of those leaving for the “greener pastures.”

The good, the bad and the movies

GUEST COLUMN • Mark Magnan

I am not a movie watcher. I guess I don’t have the attention span to watch movies. Perhaps it is my childlike behavior that drives me to be entertained if I am going to have to sit and watch a movie. Most movies don’t really interest me at all. Even nonstop action is not something I look for. I probably could watch a full length Three Stooges movie. But given the choice of watching the Titanic or listening to three hours of Celine Dion music, I would have to think long and hard on the decision of what I will have to endure. I have never been much on horror movies; war movies aren’t my choice either, and being a guy, “chick flicks” are definitely out of the question.


Out & About • Patrick Lacombe

Last night, at evening services, our pastor was talking about things that are major distractions in life. You know the things that take time away from worship, family or studies. He asked our opinion and most of the congregation agreed that modern technology was a problem. Answers ranged from watching too much television to spending excessive time online playing games. When we returned home, I started thinking about my childhood and how much simpler life was back then before technology, and I wondered if I could make it in today’s world with the simple things that were available back then.