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America: Land that I love


Observing the world situation should prompt in all of us great gratitude for the privilege of living in the good old United States of America. Now and then someone makes a comparison with another world country, noting some alleged superior qualities elsewhere. So far, however there have been no reports of long lines at the borders of those leaving for the “greener pastures.”

Vacation Bible School: 2013

Out & About • Patrick Lacombe

This has been an exciting summer for me so far with trips to places that I have never been and meeting interesting people in the great state of Texas. However, my favorite activity by far, was helping with the kids at our church’s Vacation Bible School.

What a week!

GUEST COLUMN • Mark Magnan

 This past week was something else. I had a garage sale and a dental appointment. Now I know what some of you are thinking, “Wow, a garage sale sounds like fun and I really need to do one.”

 Well, take it from me. I would rather go back to the dentist than do another garage sale any time soon. Of course I really don’t fear the dentist, and this was just a routine cleaning.

Looking Up: Joe Baisden - The sound of abundant rain


Triple-digit temp wore on us all last week. About the time it was getting to us, the word came that rain was on the way.  The promise of rain created great anticipation and made enduring Saturday’s last gasp of super heat easier to endure.


State-bound baseballers

 Cubs, Hawgs, Bees advance to TTAB State Tourneys

 By Tony Adams

 Sports Editor

 Last week at Heritage Park was the epicenter of the Texas 5/6 District as three levels of baseball played for the right to play in the Texas Teenage Baseball State Tournaments, being held at different venues starting the week of July 22.


Storm/disaster contracts renewed

By Grayson Edds

 Managing Editor

 During Monday’s Commissioners Court meeting, the Commissioners renewed the annual contracts with CrowderGulf and Ceres Environmental for disaster and/or storm recovery services for Bell County with no changes from last year. Having these contracts in place help ease the burden and scramble if a natural disaster were to happen in Bell County. Instead of searching for companies to assist immediately following a disaster, these providers are already under contract. If Federal Emergency Management Agency is engaged after a disaster, these contracts can also assist with reimbursement.

LOOKING UP: Reflections on a milestone

Last Saturday, June 8, marked a significant milestone in my life. It passed almost unnoticed during an unusual Saturday in which the only entry on the calendar was an early morning trip to the farmers' market that contributed to a delicious all vegetable lunch later in the day.

Out & About: Justice for George

Those of you that have visited the beautiful San Antonio River Walk may have run into this celebrity of sorts on the sidewalk in front of The Original Mexican Restaurant. George the Duck, was a Muscovy mix with a bright red mask and white chest feathers and a black back. He drew large crowds as he walked up to patrons of the restaurant and would tug on their legs for bits of food. The workers at the restaurant had adopted him as their mascot and he slept under a tree next to the river.

GUEST COLUMN: Fear itself

I recently heard someone talking about an "irrational fear". That would be something without good reason. So I took stock of a few of my fears and decided that I am quite rational. I have a fear of heights, I think it is a valid fear. It doesn't petrify me, I do fly, and will go to upper levels of buildings and the like. But given the choice of standing on firm ground or being on some "amusement" ride many feet in the air, well I will stay put right here.

LOOKING UP: Seeking stability in a changing world

Does anything last? Can we count on anything to remain the same in an ever-changing world?

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