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Out & About: Justice for George

Those of you that have visited the beautiful San Antonio River Walk may have run into this celebrity of sorts on the sidewalk in front of The Original Mexican Restaurant. George the Duck, was a Muscovy mix with a bright red mask and white chest feathers and a black back. He drew large crowds as he walked up to patrons of the restaurant and would tug on their legs for bits of food. The workers at the restaurant had adopted him as their mascot and he slept under a tree next to the river.


At 1:30 in the morning of May 29, witnesses saw two young men walking up to George as he slept, kicking him repeatedly and then strangling him to death. Surveillance cameras show them walking down the river with George's lifeless body in hand and throwing him in the river. A $15,000 reward has been offered for the identification of these two men. A Facebook page called "Justice for George" has garnered over 5000 Likes and is asking friends to share the page with hopes of catching the killers.

You have to wonder what people like this are thinking when they perform such hideous acts of cruelty on a defenseless animal. Are they also capable of doing something similar to humans? Are they proud of themselves for killing a beloved duck that gave joy to tourists from around the world? We can only hope that they will be recognized from the video, and can answer these questions when captured.

Luckily, though, there are still those of us that appreciate animals and recognize that God put them here for us to enjoy. A few weeks ago as my wife and I were driving around Lake Belton, we pulled into the marina at Cedar Ridge Park and walked into the bait shop to look around. As we walked in, I noticed an old poodle lying on his blanket. As I often do when I see a cute dog, I went to pet him and I noticed that he did not move as I walked up. It turns out that this old dog was nearly blind and completely deaf. I'm the kind of person that likes to ask questions when something rouses my curiosity, so I asked the lady behind the counter what his name was. "Doc," she replied then she proceeded to tell me his story. It turns out that a kind woman who had just seen him being thrown from a boat by an unknown man rescued Doc from the middle of the lake. She brought him into the marina and the owner, an animal lover from Houston, adopted him immediately. He brought Doc to a vet in Belton who gave him a checkup and medicated him. He estimated the dog to be about 14 years old. Doc is living a good life now and sees the vet once a month all at the marina owners' expense.

Just as I was feeling all warm and fuzzy, the woman led us onto the dock and showed us a white duck sitting in a tank with food and water. It turns out this duck was injured and yes, you guessed it, the marina owner took him to the vet and his leg had to be amputated. He is doing well now and should be able to resume his normal activities in the next two weeks. There is also a friendly Blue Heron named "Fluffy" who hangs out at the bait shop waiting to be tossed a shiner or cricket.

So, I guess the point I'm trying to make here is, who do you think is more satisfied with life in general and with themselves? A person who can kill an innocent duck for fun or throw a blind, deaf dog into a lake to drown or a person that will help an animal in distress at his own expense? I think the latter is the correct answer, and I would not hesitate to call him a friend. As for the others, I will pray they change their evil ways.