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GUEST COLUMN • Mark Magnan | Not dead yet

Just to prove to any younger readers that I am completely out of touch with their generation, I have absolutely no idea of why anyone would be so engrossed in the current fad of “zombies”. For those readers that are not aware, there is at least one show on TV that is about zombies and a world where it is all about killing the zombies. Not only a TV show, but a follow-up talk show and numerous places online to talk about this show.
Granted, I have not watched the show enough to even know what is going on or to grasp the plot, if there is one. Admittedly I am a hard one to entertain, even science fiction is not something I am that interested in when it comes to TV or movies.

From what I have seen, somehow most of the people in this particular area have turned into zombies. There are some survivors that are normal people, but they live in tremendous fear of the “walkers”, which is what they call the zombies. The zombies on the other hand don’t seem to be very smart, they walk slowly and don’t see well at all. They actually seem quite dumb. Apparently they have to eat a healthy person to keep on living, so to speak. The only way to kill a zombie is an excessively violent blow to the head, either with an object or some sort of projectile from a weapon. This is certainly not a show that one would watch during supper, and for sure not Italian food with red sauce. The violence in this show seems a bit much for me, and I have a fairly tough stomach.
Along with the TV show, there are gatherings around the country of people, adults at that, who dress up as zombies and saunter along the streets of major cities. Did I mention these are grown people and it is not Halloween. I guess the “zombie walks”, as they are called, could be considered an open air costume party of sorts. The extent of the makeup and dress is quite elaborate. Some people go to great lengths for these walks, getting “professional” type makeup.
I am sure that the generation that was older than me when I was a kid had some similar ideas about us. We played cowboys along with games of army. Those were the popular TV shows and movies then. We dressed in what we could for our dramatic events. That was usually our street clothes and perhaps a few western style accessories. But every good young Texan had a set of pearl handled revolvers to wear. The best ones made a noise when shot, using caps. At other times we would transport ourselves into a war scene for our army scenarios. When it was raining or cold outside we could always break out the little plastic army men and conduct our own war games in the comfort of our living rooms. Of course we usually had some casualties. It seems like every so often when we packed up we would leave behind one of our men. The vacuum would later pick him up. The imaginary land mines or grenades were nothing compared to what a Hoover sweeper would do to one of these poor guys.
Perhaps like I said, I am out of touch, or just have not watched this zombie show enough to get what is going on. But to me our imaginary scenes of cowboys and indians seemed a lot more real and way less violent than what is played out with scenes of the un-dead. I think I will stick with the more alive shows. If I have a real urge to watch a lot of dead people walking around I always have the NY Giants to watch this season.