Wednesday, April 23, 2014 - free extensions for joomla

A couple of years ago I bought a new truck. With that purchase came a trial subscription to satellite radio. Now we all know that this is not really a gift because they like you and want to give you something to enjoy, it is trick to try and hook you. They want you to get used to the convenience of the radio and keep the subscription going. Well I didn’t fall for that. When the free trial was over I let it end. A month or so went by, getting e-mails telling me of the exciting things that were going on with my, now shut off, radio. Finally they made me an offer to get me back. It was a good deal, about the price of a decent meal, so I thought I would go hungry one day and splurge for the new radio subscription. Sure enough it was exciting, well fairly exciting, OK, just interesting. When this super cheap subscription was over I once again ended my agreement with them. But, they had one more trick up their sleeve. They now offered a full year at a greatly reduced price, well less than the face value if you just renew regularly. Of course there are a few tricks they use to keep you hooked. But so far I seem to be doing well with the deal.
The problem is that there are only about a half dozen “channels” that I actually listen to. I have yet to scroll all the way through the entire selections. I usually will go a few channels each way of my favorites. So far there is not a lot that really catches my ear. I don’t want to pay for talk radio, there are a ton of news channels. Even with my fairly eclectic musical taste, there are only a few channels that I leave it on for an extended period of time. There are some specialty channels that make me wonder how dull a person’s life must be to listen to endless hours of that music. I also don’t spend hours in my vehicle, my commute is fairly short. I don’t work out of my truck. So really the radio subscription is a luxury.