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I am writing this sitting in a hotel room. With at least 100 channels on TV and a great view of a scenic area, I am looking at the screen of my laptop. I had the option to look at quite a few sports channels that I normally don’t get on my cable at home. Even though the hotel was situated on a hill overlooking some of the best places in the state, my room looked out over the parking lot and the nearby highway. The other side of the hotel had a much better view and probably a great perspective from the top floor. I have been open about my borderline obsessive compulsive habits so I guess writing is a bit of an outlet to help me adjust to the strange surroundings. I don’t have any of the “hoarder” or excessive “hand-washing” tendencies, but I certainly like to be comfortable in my own little world. Hotels are a place of potential issues, this one was fairly new and very clean. But I have been in some that were well below my standards.
As night closes in I try to make my “room” as comfortable as I can, as close to my “zone” at home where I feel like it is normal to me. Of course this never quite works. I have a certain side of the bed that I sleep on, within reach is my night stand filled with all the things that I normally need at home. Very few of which I ever need in the middle of the night, however it soothes my wandering mind to have these items close. I can’t read my watch in the dark, and rarely do I get asked for a credit card or my drivers license tucked away in my wallet, but all of that is close by, just in case.

No, this isn’t about paintings or statues lost during some war time events. I am thinking more along the lines of things that we don’t see any longer.
With the introduction of modern devices we seem to lose skills or “arts” that once were a part of our lives. One of the most obvious things is the written letter. Now if you get a letter in the mail it is probably something that is of no interest to you. Not like a few years ago when writing a letter and letting it travel across country the slow way. I had a favorite great aunt that cherished letter writing. She addressed the letter properly and at times even used a wax seal for the envelope. This was something that you did for special correspondence. I learned at an early age how to write and return a letter when I received one. Of course e-mail has taken this place, it is faster and cheaper and probably more reliable. But there is just something about a letter that becomes a permanent part of your memories of a person. When that person is gone, you still have the actual letter that they fashioned with their own hands. An electronic letter just doesn’t retain those memories.

Just to prove to any younger readers that I am completely out of touch with their generation, I have absolutely no idea of why anyone would be so engrossed in the current fad of “zombies”. For those readers that are not aware, there is at least one show on TV that is about zombies and a world where it is all about killing the zombies. Not only a TV show, but a follow-up talk show and numerous places online to talk about this show.
Granted, I have not watched the show enough to even know what is going on or to grasp the plot, if there is one. Admittedly I am a hard one to entertain, even science fiction is not something I am that interested in when it comes to TV or movies.

We have all seen the TV shows, documentaries, about how nature has a way of breeding out the bad characteristics of animals. Of course there has been much written about this over the years, often in controversy. But the simple explanation is that the slower or “dumber” animals get weeded out, leaving only the better bloodlines.
We do a version of this with our domestic animals. The livestock shows are full of these examples. But for generations the slower or poorly advanced antelope in Africa get eaten by the faster and smarter lions. It just keeps on going.
One might think by now that all of the slow antelope might have been bred out, leaving only a super fast breed. I don’t think that has happened, just as the lions have failed to evolve to follow along. If this theory was true we would have jet powered antelope being chased by rocket powered lions.
To a degree, this evolution does help clean up the herd. It removes sick and less powerful animals, leaving the better ones to keep the bloodlines strong.