Wednesday, April 23, 2014 - free extensions for joomla

I was on vacation last week. I didn’t get a chance to complete this story before the deadline for last week’s paper. However, even though the actual event is in the past, the experience will last for some time. I was in a small town enjoying some quiet time. I was talked into going to a Veterans Day program at the local high school. In a way I wanted to see the presentation honoring the Veterans, but I felt a bit out of place.
I am not from this small town, but have some connections so I do feel a bit more at home there. I did serve in the military, in the Air Force. It was nothing exciting, relative peace time with not much chance of ever leaving my station and traveling to other areas of the world. I did my job and looked forward to the day when I received my honorable discharge and could go about my life without having to get up and put on the same color clothes each day.
This is probably why I don’t feel comfortable when I am at an event that honors Veterans and I get included. I didn’t experience the trials of war, or had the hardships of many service members, especially the WWII Vets.