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Statesboro Revue takes stage during Texas Music Series

By Grayson Edds
Managing Editor

With a unique beat and a groove all their own, Statesboro Revue is set to take the stage in Schoepf’s Backyard tonight for the last of the Texas Music Series.
Statesboro Revue began in 2008 with lead singer Stewart Mann after moving back to Texas from a stint in Los Angeles. The idea for the band came from a want “to create a groovy type of root rock,” Mann said. “I didn’t feel that Texas country is who I was as a person. I thought I’d try to use my influences to create a sound that’s unique to myself.”

And that’s precisely what he did.
In 2009, the band produced their first record, “Different kind of light”, that had more of a blues rock feel throughout the album, said Mann, “a little more blues rock than the scene lent itself to at the time.”
The band toured with the first album, but Mann wanted to get back to his roots and the influences that meant the most to him.
Statesboro Revue’s second album was released in April of this year and has received some major accolades, including being ranked 16 on the Americana Chart for their blended folk/Americana tracks.
“I wanted to utilize my country and Americana and folk influences,” he said. “From a production stand point, we used 17 different instruments – an earthy approach.”
But don’t mistake the “earthy approach” to mean they’re all bongos and wood flutes; they produce some music that reverberates into a toe-tapping, soulful, rockin’ beat that you can’t help but enjoy. To boot, the songs on their latest album lend themselves to a variety of genres.
With a bluesy riff and strong vocals, their single “Fade My Shade of Black” has done its job in making Statesboro Revue a hit at any establishment.
And because today’s music industry has broadened its horizons lately to include a variety of sounds brought by the twang and talent of bluegrass and folk, “Huck Finn” is Statesboro Revue’s single that helped land the entire album as No. 16 on the Americana Charts.
Although their first album was still impressive, Mann thought that the second album should bring the band and the music closer to home, closer to Texas.
“Texas has been home,” he said. “We play all over the country, but we’ve focused more on Texas, which is great because we’re from here. We all live here.”
And because of their musical range, Statesboro Revue gets to play with a variety of artists including Blackberry Smoke, a southern rock band, classics like the Allman Brothers, and red dirt music artists like Cody Canada and the Departed and Cory Morrow, the latter of whom will be headlining at Schoepf’s tonight.
“We played at Schoepf’s two years ago with Cory,” Mann said. “We don’t play with Cory all that often, but one of the last times was at Schoepf’s, and the food was amazing.”
If you made plans other than heading out to the summer’s last Thursday night music series, don’t fret; you can hear Statesboro Revue (and Cory Morrow) on iTunes, in most digital retailers or traditional retailers like Best Buy or Hastings.