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BHS names first Excellence in Life nominee

By Grayson Edds
Managing Editor

Smile at the World Orthodontics  and ESPN Radio Central Texas are working to highlight a 10-12 grade student each week.
This recognition includes highlighting academics, extracurricular, and community-school involvement.
The student will also be highlighted over the BHS football radio broadcast, receive  a plaque from Cumulus Radio Station. BHS may nominate 10 recipients.
The first nominee is Brooke Haugeberg. Her counselor, Laura Schuler, said this of her in her nomination, “Brooke is the type of student that stands apart from her peers not only because of her academic success but because she is respected for all she does and stands for.

Academically, Brooke is in the top five percent of her class, taking all advanced classes since the start of her high school career. She enjoys the challenge and has proven to herself and others that with hard work, dedication and great time management she can achieve her dreams.
Some of the positions she has held during high school include: National Honor Society President, Choir Historian, 11th grade class Treasurer and Student to Student President. She was also voted Most Likely to Succeed the past three years by her classmates.
This year, Brooke attended a Rotary Youth Leadership Academy in Bastrop. Brooke was asked to come back next year as a counselor which is a huge responsibility and accomplishment.
Another leadership academy that Brooke was selected to attend was the Francis Hesselbein Student Leadership Program at West Point. Brooke said this was the “best week of my life!”
She attended this conference to learn more about the Student-to-Student program that Brooke is the president of. She was one out of 10 students chosen around the world to attend. She made friends with students around the world, learned the values of West Point, their leadership mentality and how important the student to student program was.
Brooke’s future plans are to attend either Texas A&M, Baylor or Boston University. She would like to become a lawyer, majoring in business then attending law school.
Brooke is an amazing young woman. I am confident that with her drive and motivation she will become a success no matter what career she pursues.”