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BHS students perform classic ‘Guys and Dolls’ musical at arts center

By Antonio Herbert

Journal reporter

Last weekend, Belton High School’s Performing Arts Center was filled with enthusiastic audiences while the theater department, with the help of an orchestra consisting of BISD music students, teachers and hired local musicians, put on three identical performances of the Broadway musical “Guys and Dolls.”  Casey Jones, theater teacher of 10 years has been the theater director at BHS for the past four years of his career. He became interested in the arts later than most.  


“I took theater as an extra elective my senior year of high school not expecting much and needing a credit to graduate,” he said. “But, after taking it I fell in love with the rush of being on stage and entertaining people, so, I went to McMurry University in Abilene to pursue theater and my lifelong goal of becoming a teacher.” 

That same drive and passion for teaching is responsible for the success of the musical that audiences witnessed. 

Preparations for the event began months ago.  

“We began working on Guys & Dolls with the students last October,” Jones said, “but the directors began planning and research on the production back in August/September.”

Jones was pleased with the musical and the way his students delivered it. Aside from the man hours of planning and coaching, Jones enjoyed watching one of his favorite musicals.  

“I truly did enjoy the performances.  I’ve always loved ‘Guys & Dolls,’ and the kids really did an amazing job portraying the characters and singing so beautifully, and the crew executed their jobs to perfection,” Jones said. 

BHS Principal Christopher DuBois was proud of the actors and teachers of his school’s theater department  . 

“We are very fortunate to have such talented students and directors at Belton High. The production of ‘Guys & Dolls’ was a huge undertaking, and they pulled it off magnificently,” he said.