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Community Youth Club receives $25k donation

By Grayson Edds

 Managing Editor

 Leaving a gift for the benefit of others is philanthropic, but when that gift benefits hundreds of children within our own community it becomes a noble act.

A sizeable gift in the amount of $25,000 was left to Altrusa International when Edith Brown, a charter member of the club from 1959-2011 and club president in 1961-62, passed.

 And although Altrusa had the ability to use these funds in a variety of different ways, they felt it best be put to use to support the community children by donating the funds to the Ralph Wilson Youth Club’s Moment in Time campaign in effort to assist the club to reach their goal of $2.7 million for new club facilities.

The funds will be matched by a previously announced matching grant, bringing the gift up to $50,000.

“Mrs. Brown would be very pleased by this decision for the club to support the youth of Temple in this way,” said Janna Janes, Altrusa president.

 Wendell Williams, chairman of the RWYC Moment in Time campaign, along with many others, expressed his gratitude for the donation.

 “On behalf of the steering committee and the Ralph Wilson Youth Club, thank you.”

 The RWYC will transition to a temporary site soon until the remaining funds can be raised and the new facilities can be constructed.