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Unique marketing idea brings shoppers downtown

By David Tuma


It wasn’t that long ago that local retail business in Downtown Belton did not exist other than Vintage Daze and Cochran, Blair & Potts. Small businesses pay the bills nationwide and locally and there just wasn’t a lot Belton had to offer. Belton has always been a great place to live, just, at times, since the 1980s not the greatest place to run a successful business.

That has changed over the past six years with a host of new businesses and a revitalized community that is ‘The Place To Live’.

   One of the unique things 24 downtown businesses have to offer is a full color flier with a map giving visitors a location guide to each business and list of the historic sites downtown. They are working together to promote each other. Once a customer goes inside a store they are given a full color card or business card to other businesses that include special discounts only to found by visiting one of the businesses.

Mayor pro-tem Marion Grayson came up with the idea of the fliers and going from store to store because that happened to her in another community when she was shopping.

“I was given a coupon to other stores and I went to that store and they gave me another coupon to another store. I thought this was a great idea and I brought it back to Belton. You never know what discount you will get at each store,” said Grayson.

“It has been just a wonderful idea and we have worked together to make this work. It has been a big plus for our business. People don’t know how much is down here downtown. It gives off a good feel to people who come downtown that businesses promote each other,” said My Giving Tree owner Leila Valchar.