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Chamber’s Swarm program boosts local business

By Ashley Corn
Journal Reporter

Belton is known for its homey inviting atmosphere, friendly people, and the wide variety of locally owned businesses to visit in the downtown area. About a year ago, a group called SWARM was started by Ambassadors, Chamber members and citizens of Belton.

SWARM builds awareness and continuous support for local food and retail businesses by creating a shop local atmosphere and requiring each member of SWARM to spend a minimum of $10 in the pre-selected area.
Their goal is to “Develop awareness of local businesses’ products and services; promote community involvement in local business growth and to create a continuous support system for businesses.”
The name SWARM is simple: the people come in and swarm your store with business much like a swarm of bees.
“We try to get Beltonians to shop locally mainly to show support to all of the smaller shops around town and how much we appreciate them,” said Jennifer Weir, Director of Member Relations and Business Marketing for the Belton Chamber of Commerce. “I think that SWARM immensely boosts the local economy.”
Businesses that meet the SWARM criteria are chosen randomly once a month at the Belton Chamber’s monthly Business After Hours meeting. The criteria for a business to be chosen for the next SWARM can be found by going to
So far they have swarmed seven businesses: The Gin, Interiors Décor, Dead Fish Grill, Fry’s, Cochran Blair & Potts, and Subway. 
The next location to be swarmed will be Moore, Garrett & Co. Antique & Gift Mall, located on 216 E. Central Avenue in Downtown Belton on the Aug. 24 at 11 a.m. 
There will be a storewide special to all members of SWARM. All citizens of Belton are encouraged to join SWARM and help support local businesses that thrive because of the involvement of our community and spend a minimum of $10.
If you want to find out where each SWARM will be and wish to participate, go to the Belton Independent Business Committee Facebook page at
If you have any questions, contact the Belton Independent Business Committee at (254) 939-3551.