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Hike, Bike Trail plans move forward

By David Tuma

In a long list of exciting things happening in Belton the Nolan Creek Hike and Bike Trail extension is close to being started. Bids on the extension will be received in August for the 1/3 of a mile extension that extends the trail to the 9th Ave Bridge and the UMHB campus. Funds for the $1.83 million project were provided by a grant that was awarded to the City of Belton in 2010.

One of the most exciting additions of the trail is a low water crossing bridge near the Harris Center. The low water crossing point is called Burton’s Crossing and there will be an iron bridge from around 1900 extending over Nolan Creek at that point.
The bridge was originally built at the turn of the century and was used in Falls County. It is currently being restored by EMCO Company, a bridge company in Eddy. They not only build new bridges but they restore old ones. There is a feature on the company you can find online done by the Texas Country Reporter news show.
The sidewalk will be 10 ft wide and include the same light poles used on the rest the trail. The trail will run through an undeveloped part and will include a retaining wall. “This is a big jump in the quality of life in this community. People use the hike and bike trail regularly. The trail is well lit and the old antique bridge will make it truly special,” said Paul Romer, Public Information Officer