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Former principal steps in to help train, mentor youth

By Kirby Franze
UMHB BCYC intern

Summer brings exciting things for the Belton Christian Youth Center (BCYC). Field trips and sports camps spark up the days and give much anticipation and excitement to the kiddos. However, this summer has brought something else new and exciting to BCYC, and his name is Jimmy Cox, former Athletic Coach and retired Troy ISD Principal.

BCYC welcomes Jimmy Cox as their new Sports & Facilities Director. Cox may be new to the organization; however, he is no stranger to children’s education. He has been in education for over 30 years. He was the principal at Troy Elementary School for 14 years, and before that he was an Assistant Principal at China Springs High School. After retiring from public school, Cox knew he wanted a new path and that is when he received a call from long-time family friend and BCYC Executive Director Melissa Parker. Cox brings his many years of experience to enhance the sports program and mentor the youth.  He says he feels qualified for the job because he has been in the public school arena for many years.
“Dealing with different people and being a public servant for so many years is one of the things I bring here.” 
Cox also hopes to add some new aspects to help grow the programs at BCYC, saying, “Because it’s all about relationships.”
Cox aspires to help enhance all the existing sports programs, e.g., soccer, basketball, and flag football, as well as bring new solutions and ideas to the organization. He has many years of experience in coaching teams, in and out of Texas, and intends to incorporate additional sports leagues, such as Volleyball.
“It’s for the kids. I like watching them get better each week. Of course it takes practice and hard work, but I enjoy watching them grow in all kinds of areas. I think it’s great for the kids.”
Cox also hopes that through donations he will be able to renovate some of the gear and equipment that the kids use for their sports programs. 
“Some of the equipment is either worn out or needs upgrading, and one of my responsibilities is to try to acquire more and better equipment for the kids.” 
Cox also would like to work more closely with the local schools in different areas to help the kids. He intends to use his educational connections to bring teachers from outside schools to enhance BCYC’s Homework Assistance & Tutoring (HAT) program.
“The kids benefit, and the parents benefit because ultimately their test scores are going to go up. That is where I want to make a difference.”
After turning down multiple job offerings, Cox exclaimed, “They just didn’t feel right.  I didn’t feel I would be happy, and I want to be happy in whatever I’m doing. I want to make a difference, and I think I can.  I’m blessed to be here.”
It is no doubt to Cox that God handled every part in “landing” him at BCYC.
BCYC is registering for fall soccer and flag football; you can register online at