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MPR City Council approves two important items

By David Tuma

Two key items were approved by the Morgan’s Point City Council Tuesday night; the first being the approval of a 30-year water contract with the City of Temple. Temple will provide adequate water pressure of 1,200 gallons a minute. MPR water customers cannot resale the water and the plan protects both parties from various issues, MPR’s drought plan must be at least as stringent as Temple’s.

The second was the approval of the long-range plan put together during the council’s retreat. The council, as reported in last week’s paper, had a retreat and where they came up with a list of objectives and goals for the community. First on the list is coming up with a waste water treatment and second is a water production distribution system plan.  Third is a plan for roads and maintenance and fourth is to develop a business plan for the marina. They also listed storm water drainage and parks plan as high on list. They plan on looking into a unique zip code for MPR and adopt an updated logo.
They authorized the City Manager, City Secretary and Finance Manager as representatives for Texpool for the city, approved the minutes from both a budget workshop and the minutes from last month’s council meeting. They approved a plan for city employees to transfer vacation time between employees and the Economic Development Boards tentative plan for upgrading the entrance signs.
The EDC receives a small portion of the sales tax funds, and those funds are to be used to improve the community. There are currently 20 residents on the committee to design the signs. The plan will then be presented to the council for final approval. Citizen input is being sought out on the project. They will also be looking into building pavilions in various parts of the community.
The MPR Fire Department assisted six boaters last month and dealt with 12 grass fires in the area. There are many boaters coming into the area because Lake Belton has water. Boating traffic is very busy, and the department is urging caution.
The library added 74 books and 12 new members. As the July summer heat continues, it increases the number of calls for assistance. The MPR Police Department responded to 560 calls and made four arrests.