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Belton Eye Care, Lions Club fight against blindness, host free eye screenings

By Christine Foster
Journal Reporter

On Saturday, Drs. Reyes and Weaver of the Belton Eye Care Center held an eye care screening clinic from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Eye Care Center, 2609 North Main Street in Belton.  All ages were welcomed, no appointments are necessary and the screenings were free.
This clinic was being held in conjunction with the local Lions Club, and was part of the Lions Club International campaign, “Sharing the Vision”.  During the month of October, club members are encouraged to reach out in their community with a vision-based project.  Saturday’s clinic is Reyes and Weaver’s way of reaching out.  Since a person goes blind every five minutes, the importance and urgency of these efforts cannot be overstated.

For almost 100 years the Lions Clubs have been active in promoting eye health. Their interest in vision care started when Helen Keller spoke to the Lions International convention and she challenged them to become, “Knights of the blind in the crusade against darkness.”
The Lions Clubs picked up the baton and have been “Knights of the blind” ever since.  Some of the accomplishments of the Lions Clubs include:
Saved the sight of 15 million children
Prevented serious vision loss for more than 30 million
Trained more than 650,000 eye care professionals and built 315 eye hospitals
Provided more than 8 million cataract surgeries
Raised more that $415 million to help improve vision for all
Saturday’s vision screening with Reyes and Weaver is part of this bigger picture. 
“This is not an eye exam, but a tool or screening to indicate vision problems before they become more serious,” Dr. Reyes said. “We will also be testing for glaucoma with our puff test.”