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MPR’s excellent audit stands out

By David Tuma

Morgan’s Point Resort’s city council received an excellent financial audit in their yearly report at Tuesday night’s meeting.
Assets increased by $400,000 with revenue up and expenses down for the year. With three different city managers during the past physical year, there were a few procedural issues the city plans on cleaning up in the upcoming year. The city had broken even in the year before financial report.

The council approved the minutes from the previous meetings in September and approved a reclassification for positions within the police department.
The council created positions for a lieutenant and a sergeant, but did not alter pay scales. Both positions now have an extensive position summary with both duties and responsibilities specifically documented.
They approved the purchase of a new fire truck to replace an out of date fire truck the department is using. Bids have been received and the council authorized the city manager to execute the necessary purchase agreements.
There will also be an extensive auction on Nov. 16 of unused city items currently in surplus by a local auction company. Items include calculators, computer screens, keyboards, laptops, cell phones, surveillance monitors the auction includes just a lot of items they city no longer is using.
The Volkswagen Transporters were in Oakmont Park this weekend for their annual gathering on Lake Belton. The repair of the old boat ramp near the swimming pool has begun.
Code enforcement contacted 38 residents up from 35 the previous month.
The fire department responded to five fires and rescued one boater.
The library added 65 books and 18 new members in September.
The marina moved an additional 10 feet out into the lake due to lower lake levels.
The maintenance department repaired five streets and built an evidence center at the safety center.
The police department made 11 arrests and responded to 1,542 calls. The arrests made in September were more than the three previous months combined.
The water department performed 49 lock-offs, and responded to 17 various requests by customers.