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City applies for grants for Nolan Creek Trail

By David Tuma


Belton recently applied for a couple of grants for the Nolan Creek Trail system.

The first grant is a trail head grant for the Nolan Creek Trail in Confederate Park. If they receive the funding the trail head will add a quarter mile to the walking trail. 


Currently the Nolan Creek Trail just ends near BCYC, but the grant would add a loop at the end of the trail. This area has many beautiful trees and room to have a loop where people can walk instead of the trial just ending. It will have the same antique lighting and other amenities as the rest of the trail.

“It will create a natural complement to the stopping point for the white water trail that ends in Confederate Park. Last year about one in three of these grant applications was approved,” said Paul Romer, Public Information Officer for the City of Belton. 

The other grant is for the Shooting Range near Shirttail Bend for the Police Department. The range will offer training services for officers in Bell County and surrounding areas. 

In addition to these upcoming grants, many projects are underway throughout the city.

The antique bridge over Nolan Creek is nearly restored. The bridge will be sealed with a clear coating and ready for transportation soon. 

Bridge foundations for the crossing are currently being constructed. It is going to be a surprise for many residents on how high the bridge will be over the water and how long it is. There is no question that the antique bridge is a one-of-kind feature for the area.

Construction is ongoing at the fifth baseball field at Heritage Park with a completion date set for early June. 

The extension of the Nolan Creek Trail to the campus of the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor should be completed by summer. 

The recycling program is off to a great start. Over 25 tons were recycled in Belton the first two weeks the program was in existence. 

“The goal is 18 tons a week, and it was a great start,” Romer said. “Glass bottles are not recyclable and we had some of the bottles contaminate the material.”

There were some changes with 42 residence requesting smaller carts and 10 requesting an additional container. 

Just a reminder for residents: the dedication for the street signs for the new Martin Luther King Ave. will be Feb. 18 at 3 p.m.