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Girl Scouts begin cookie sale

By Devin Corbitt

News Editor

The Girl Scout cookie season is off to a great start this year. 

The seasoned opened Jan. 15, and since then girls have been hard at work raising money for their various goal for the year. 


This year, the Girl Scouts of Central Texas Council, which includes the Belton area, decided to use the Little Brownie Baker company rather than ABC Bakers. However, the basic cookies will remain the same, including Thin Mints and Samoas (Caramel Delights). In addition, Belton Girl Scouts will be selling Savanna Smiles, a lemon flavored wedding cookie. 

Girl Scout Troop 8221 is one of many troops in Belton selling cookies this year. The troop is made up of Cadets, Juniors and Brownies. Each level has created their own set of goals for the coming year, and they need the help of Belton residents to meet them. 

“Every year they set a goal to do a big trip with our cookie bonus,” troop leader Janet Hazlewood said. “So far, they’ve always met that goal, so we’re hoping to again this year.”

So far, the Juniors and Brownies have yet to make any final decisions on their trip, but the Cadets have decided on a trip to Alabama. 

“They’re going to do some zip lining, they’re going to stay in a condo, and there’s some things they’re doing along the way, such as a water park in Dallas,” Hazlewood said. “They’re most excited about zip lining.”

In order to reach their goals, each girl needs to sell about 150 boxes of cookies. Booth sales are critical in helping the girls achieve this. 

“The girls enjoy (booth sales),” Hazlewood said. “They like being out in the community and getting to hear how many each customer wants. It’s so neat to see them get out and have a voice.”

So far, the troop has sold over $9000 dollars worth of cookies, but they still have a ways to go before reaching their goal. 

Troop 8221 can be found at various locations on the weekends, including Walgreen’s and Take-One in Belton. Interested parties can also visit and have a troop contact them for more information.

“We do booths every weekend,” Hazlewood said. “Come buy some cookies!”