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‘Biggest Loser’ goes Olympic

By Wesley Ashton

Journal reporter

Screams of pain echo as over 40 competitors pick up their two 45 pound weights to begin the Biggest Loser competition. This past Saturday Heritage Park Fitness hosted its annual Biggest Loser event with an Olympic themed competition. 


“We do the Biggest Loser every few months,” said Clare Tran. “We have a lot of team-building events where teams can build their muscles and better nutrition. I know people who have lost 20 pounds or 6 inches off their waist. They continue staying healthy, even after the event, because they’ve been doing it for 8 weeks.”

Saturday’s competition featured five different scored events consisting of pushups, biathlon (pullups and kettle bell swing), farmers walk, sled push, and box jumps. Each team transitioned station to station completing each until all five had been performed.

“This is just the midpoint, the whole competition is based off of body fat percentage loss,” said Kristen Dunlap. ”We have an initial weigh in at the beginning of the competition to get their weight and body fat. We give our competitors nutrition advice, workouts throughout the week, and a Saturday challenge workout. There’s also educational classes offered throughout the week on how to weigh food and how to cook different ways.”

Each event gave competitors two minutes to complete as many repetitions as possible. Teams came together and cheered as others attempted each brutal task. For many of the competitors, the beginning of this program was the first time they met their fitness partner.

“It’s awesome; our competitors get to come and meet new people especially our military. (At first), they don’t know anybody and they feel alone in their battle of weight loss,” said Shauna Anduze. “I know how it is being faced with the challenges of weight loss. You can get unmotivated and lose a day, which puts you back at stage one. Having someone else checking to see whether or not you went to the gym gives you someone you can count on. People get better results when they have someone there to support them.” 

As the struggles to stay in shape continue, Heritage Park Fitness stands to help. With two different facilities along with classes for working out, HPF seeks to be a haven for community and fitness.