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Buddy Ball summer season in final stages

By Broden O’Banon

Sports Writer

The 2013 First Baptist Belton Buddy Ball season’s fourth week was full of great anticipation and sportsmanship.

The players from all six teams helped to encourage not only players that were teammates, but opponents as well. The first two games featured the four teams of younger players coming out full of energy and eager to play.

The Saints took on the Warriors while the Miracles faced off with the Knights for the first two games of the evening. The games were supported with high encouragement and full participation.   The Crusaders and Soldiers took the court for the second game with numerous players hitting the basket from the three point line.

“It’s a blessing to be involved in the lives of these kids”, said Tracy O’Banon, Buddy Ball Director at First Baptist Church Belton, “It’s a joy to watch them learn the game of basketball, but more importantly to learn that Jesus loves them and wants a personal relationship with each one of them.” 

Senior Pastor, Andy Davis, took the court during halftime to share his thoughts with families and offer his encouragement and support to everyone involved this season. 

This week will wrap up the Buddy Ball/Buddy Cheer season with final games being played on Thursday evening.  Awards will be distributed immediately following the final games. You are welcome to come out and join in on the action and celebration at First Baptist Belton’s gym starting at 5:30pm on Thursday, August 8.