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2012-2013 season set high water mark for Belton scholarship awards

By David Tuma

It was a record year for Belton athletes in landing big time scholarships in 2012 with the Belton Tigers Athletic Program kids receiving $939,500 in scholarships last year. Football led with the way with $801,500 in scholarships received this year a number that includes Adrian Henderson’s two-year offer he accepted from Memphis.

Darius White has yet to accept his offer from West Virginia and that was not included in the totals.
Women’s soccer and men’s basketball accounted for $60,000 and $56,000 respectively. Baseball and men’s golf accounted for $10,000 each. It doesn’t take much of an imagination to realize that Belton is on to something in terms of getting kids scholarships.
“We are really close to being where we need to be as an athletic program. We are reaping the benefits of the athletic facility. If kids work hard you can get something for them. Look at Kalie Ewing landing a $24,000 football scholarship. There are places to play in football. But it takes hard work for years to get to the college level athletically. This summer we averaged 72 girls a day working out and 201 boys. That still isn’t enough; we want 100 girls and 300 boys a day. I can tell you, the eighth and ninth grade football teams are huge in both size and numbers. Our camp numbers this week were outstanding,” said Tigers athletic director Rodney Southern. “Weight training at the junior high level is huge for both our boys and girls programs. Adding a sixth grade pre-athletic period to teach proper weight lifting will only add to what we offer.”
Last years top sports program in district is off to a fast start with three Division-1 scholarships already landed for next year. Belton will come close to going over the $1 million mark for the first time ever next year.
Belton’s football camp was simply off the charts in terms of numbers this year and they look for more scholarships to be landed besides Justin Murphy’s football scholarship to Texas Tech.
But it is, those younger football classes, which get the eyes of the some of the Tigers coaches narrowed because they know what is coming and why they have stayed in Belton. 
“The incoming eighth and ninth grade classes are the best two classes since we have been here. They have a lot of big linemen in the 25-30 range (each class) and they have the skill position kids to go with it. Since we have been here no class has had both. I can tell you it is the first back-to-back classes that are outstanding we have had. We haven’t even seen them all yet because this is just camp. I am impressed. The incoming freshman class has four very good quarterbacks and we are not going to move them to another position. We have a dozen good looking tightened body types with that class, 12 of them. Some will be moved to defensive end…. but 12. They are just two very strong classes,” said offensive coordinator David Brewer.