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By Tony Adams
Sports Editor

Both Belton Middle School’s 7th grade teams continue to learn the finer points of the varsity playbook.
Some of the concepts are down. For some of the others, a little practice and harder work is in order.
BMS 7th grade A delivered some spirited runs and hard hits from Ismael Jiminez. But Midway Red running backs were simply to big to bring down, as the Tigers fell to the Panthers 38-18 at Wilson-Kerzee Field.
Jiminez returns and runs were similar to a play for UMHB quarterback Zach Anderson had in the home opener of Cru Stadium: running 100 yards to get 40 or 50. It set BMS up on short fields, but the Panthers’ defense were up to the task in stopping the Tigers’ offense.
Down 22-0 late in the first half, quarterback Paul Karnowski engineered the offense down the field towards the Midway goal line. Karnowski for Hayden Lloyd for a 13-yard touchdown pass with a tick remaining on the first half clock to reduce the Panthers’ lead to 16.